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AI for Manga & Anime

At Anime Expo 2018 in Los Angeles, we gave the keynote AI for Manga & Anime (AIMA_AX)!

The main goal of this keynote was to showcase amazing applications of AI to mangas & anime series.

AIMA banner by Jerry Li

Here are some pictures and slides.

Create Anime Characters using AI

Crypko and MakeGirls.Moe were presented by Jingtao Tian (3rd on the image), Yanghua Jin (2nd) and Minjun Li (1st).

Make.Girls.Moe got 1 million views the first 10 days. Our research proceedings were quickly sold out at the Comic Market #92 (Tokyo) in Summer 2017.

Here is an example of what can be achieved using GANs to generate anime characters.


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Using Posters to recommend anime and mangas

Mangaki, a anime/manga recommender system presented by Jill-Jênn Vie from RIKEN AIP, Tokyo.

Everyone regularly ask themselves what movie, series or book they should watch next, according to their taste. Mangaki is a award-winning website that innovates access to Japanese culture through a recommender system. When a user shows up, our algorithm asks them to rate a few works. Based on their answers, they receive a personalized to-watch list of anime & manga, by geometrically positioning their ratings within those collected from other users, and using deep learning to extract information from manga covers or anime posters.

Mangaki gathered 330k ratings from 2,000 people over 11,000 anime & manga works. In Summer 2017, we released them for a data challenge organized by Kyoto University that attracted 31 submissions from 11 countries. Mangaki was awarded the first prize by the Japan Foundation (Paris branch), and an open source award by Microsoft Ventures.

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Automatic Manga Colorization


The first part, PaintsChainer, was introduced by Taizan Yonetsuji from Preferred Networks, Japan.

Here is the kind of work that can be achieved using PaintsChainer.



The second part, style2paints, was presented by LvMing Zhang from Soochow University, China.

Here is the kind of work that can be achieved using style2paints.


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Manga Style Transfer

Cross-Domain Translation of Human Portraits.

Here is another example of what can be achieved using TwinGAN.

Manga style transfer

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