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In-flight entertainment systems

Je m’intéresse aux in-flight entertainment systems.

As these systems evolve, recommendations could become more sophisticated. “For example, [the system could say,] ‘The last time you were on board, you watched this movie, but you didn’t finish it. Would you like to finish it now?’” Rhoads suggests. “We can say: ‘The last 15 movies that you watched on flights for the past two months have been around these characters or themes. Here are recommendations from this month’s movie selections.’ These are things that are relatively easy to implement and we’re already seeing some in our companion app.”

Il faut les contacter !

Rhoads expects in-flight connectivity to revolutionize recommendations in the future. “Where it’s going to get interesting is the airline’s ability to use connectivity to the aircraft to load content dynamically, based on passenger experience or passenger requests,” he says.

Contact : Fabienne Regitz, IFE product manager for Lufthansa.

The companion app carries passenger-viewing data from one flight to the next to inform recommendations.

Contact : Cedric Rhoads, executive director, Corporate Sales and Product Management at Panasonic Avionics.

“We are able to see how individual content files … are performing each month and then use that information to curate the next cycle’s content set” – Megan Worley, American Airlines

Apparemment Panasonic ont leur propre système appelé eX2 qui est utilisé par Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways et qui a remporté en 2007 un prix de la World Airline Entertainment Association, à présent appelée Airline Passenger Experience Association. C’est une surcouche de Red Hat, je crois.

“We’re very proud of our customers,” says Paul Margis, CEO of Panasonic Avionics. “Each one has a very unique system.”

Nouveau, 25 octobre 2016

Emirates has selected Thales’ AVANT in-flight entertainment (IFE) solution for its fleet of 150 Boeing 777X aircraft.

Source : Thales’ AVANT IFE Platform to Foster Innovation on Emirates Boeing 777X Fleet

Donc apparemment il y a Panasonic, Thales et Zodiac Aerospace, ce dernier est open source développé par Open Wide racheté par Smile.

Sur une autre note, un mémoire (de master je crois) d’un Portugais à Amadeus (Sophia-Antipolis) : Design and Implementation of a Flight Recommendation Engine. Mais c’est différent, c’est pas pour les in-flight entertainment.


  • Contacter Fabienne Regitz de Lufthansa, ainsi que l’auteur des articles sur pour lui dire ce qu’on fait.
  • Contacter Thalès.